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General Information

What is SMARTform?

SMARTform is a feature-rich sales management and order taking system for sales companies that is quick, powerful, and easy to use. SMARTform will improve your company's productivity, professionalism, and profitability by saving you a great deal of time, decreasing your management expenses, and increasing your sales.

How is SMARTform different than other sales management software?

SMARTform is a cloud based software that is custom developed for every company. SMARTform is always up to date on all devices and does not require users to install any software or purchase any special hardware. Unlike other sales management software, SMARTform does not have any limitations on the number of users that have access or the number of items that can be managed. Lastly, SMARTform is affordable and requires only one license per company.

Why not continue using paper based order taking systems?

Paper based order taking systems may work, but they are time consuming, incomplete, not legible and prone to errors. With paper based order taking systems, filling out an order form takes a lot more time and effort, and every sales rep needs to carry a product catalog and order book with them at all times. After an order is written, order forms need to be scanned, faxed, copied, mailed or physically turned in. This order taking system is less professional, very time consuming and limits the amount of work sales reps complete in a given period of time. Moreover, because of time limitations and the amount of effort that it takes to fill out an order form with complete and legible item information, sales representatives often fill out forms that are not always legible and only partially filled out, which can results in expensive errors. With SMARTform, a master ordering process can be carried out from any device at any time. SMARTform helps increase your company's revenue by, not only saving your company a great amount of time - which allows you to take more orders, but by providing you with a custom built virtual catalog that is accessible from any device and is directly tied in to the order form. This allows customers to browse your entire catalog, from any device, using a keyword search, which gives visibility to the items that are most applicable to your customers market.

Why should we choose SMARTform software to manage our orders?

Let's say the price for a particular item is significantly reduced for clearance and your company has ten active sales representatives. With a non-cloud based solution, every one of these sales representatives will have to manually update their systems in order for the changes to reflect across all devices. Furthermore, offline software solutions require a fresh install and set up on every device, they are often not compatible with all devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Some order management companies even require their users, to purchase hardware, which may work now, but will be absolete in a few years. Lastly, payment processing is often not a feature of even the most expensive sales management software on the market.

SMARTform on the other hand is a cloud based sales management software that is instantly accessible on any device, no installation is required. Moreover, your SMARTform software will always be synchronized and up to date on all devices at all times. Important updates to inventory or customer shipping information that are made on one device will reflect on all devices instantly. Lastly, unlike many other sales management solutions, purchasing expensive hardware is not required for use. SMARTform is compatible and accessible from all devices - Mac's, PC's, laptops, tablets, and smart phones; furthermore, card payments can be instantly accepted and processed from any of these devices without any additional hardware.


Auto fill item information

Intelligently browse your entire catalog, by typing the first few characters of any item name or number. SMARTform will narrow the search options with every key stroke. Every auto fill option provides an image preview and other identifying item information. Fill the order form line with complete item information, with minimum typing and one click of a button.

Apply discounts, change quantities, change pricing

With every keystroke that changes an order form line field, SMARTform will automatically update all related fields. This makes it exceptionally easy to apply discounts, change quantities, and change customer pricing.

Example: if the case price of an item is $68 and the quantity is 24, the price per unit will be $2.84 per piece by default. If you decide to change the case price to $48 SMARTform will instantly update the price per unit to $2.00, so the form is always up to date, no matter what fields you decide to change.

Customer Billing and Shipping Records

Browse your thousands of customer billing and shipping records with a few key strokes. When you find the correct record, one tap is all it takes to add complete customer billing and shipping information to your order. Customer billing and shipping records can easily be added or deleted directly from the order form.

SMARTform - Payment Processing

With SMARTform your entire company can securely accept card payments from any device, at any time. Whether Visa, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard, we have you covered. If you're using Square or PayPal Here for card processing, you're overpaying.

SMARTform - Company Backup

We backup all of your company's sensitive information, adding an extra layer of security to your business. If at any point, your important data is lost for any reason, we have you covered. Did I mention that our backup services are included with all plans at no additional cost?

Real Signatures

SMARTform gives companies the ability to receive signatures from their customers, right from the device that is being used. While using a tablet, customers can sign the order form using a stylus pen or by tapping and dragging. While using a desktop or notebook computer, customers can sign using a pointing device such as a track pad or mouse.

Add Notes

SMARTform gives you the option to add a note to the order form. This note can include important processing information about shipping, packaging, styles, discounts, payments instructions or other.

Out of room? Add lines!

Never run out of space on your order form. SMARTform gives you the ability to dynamically modify the size of the order form on demand, with a click of a button.

Business Cards   

Sales representatives often work on commission. With SMARTform, sales representatives can add their business cards to the top of the order form with a click of a button. When a copy of the order is printed or sent to the customer's e-mail, the sales rep is always remembered and given priority for future orders.

Catalog View   

Letting customers fill out their own order forms sounds crazy. But catalog view allows customers to do just that. Catalog view, allows sales representatives to hand their device over to their customer for catalog browsing, and gives customers the ability to add items to the order form, as they browse, with a click of a button. Catalog View is proven to increase company sales, and is a feature rich component of SMARTform. The various features of Catalog View are discussed in greater detail below.

Catalog Search   

Catalog search is a feature that is a built in to Catalog View that allows your company to search your entire catalog using a keyword search (item name, number, category, etc.). This feature helps increase sales by providing greater visibility to the items that are most applicable to the customers' business.

Hand your device to your customer; allow them to search your company's catalog using keywords. Sit back, relax, and watch them fill an order form larger than the one you would have filled for them.

Best Sellers  

Best Sellers  -   is a feature that is built in to Catalog View that allows your company to easily and quickly, show off, update, and recommend the top selling items to your customer and add it to their order with a click of a button.


SMARTform was engineered to be compatible will all devices including smartphones and tablets. Because SMARTform is cloud based, SMARTform is always up to date, and never requires installation. SMARTform was designed for a rich user experience that is easy and powerful.

Save Orders as a Spreadsheet 

Save a copy of the customer's order as an Excel Spreadsheet, on to any device. This allows companies to easily update their financial records and import financial data into accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

Printer Friendly  

SMARTform is printer friendly and was engineered to look like a standard order form on paper. Print wirelessly, directly from your tablet or smartphone device by using ePrint or AirPrint.

Go Paperless  

E-mail copies of the order form to multiple recipients with the click of a button. Copy yourself and your company's main office on the e-mail and create a printer-free paper-free order taking system.

SMARTpanel - Administration Panel

SMARTform clients can easily manage and maintain their SMARTform software and all it contains using the SMARTpanel - Administrative Panel.

Order System Comparison

Comparison Paper Based Order Taking System SMARTform Other Software Solutions
Includes all company specific, product, customer, and sales rep information X
No limitations on the number of users or number of items that can be managed X
Ability to securely process card payments X X
Built-in, keyword searchable, product catalog X X
No printer, scanner or fax required to place or process orders X
Added security through cloud backup X X
Send order form copies to the office, sales rep and customer in one click X X
Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops X X
Import into accounting software like QuickBooks X X
Up to date on all devices at all times X