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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMARTform?

SMARTform is a feature-rich sales management and order taking system for sales companies that is quick, powerful, and easy to use. SMARTform will improve your company's productivity, professionalism, and profitability by saving you a great deal of time, decreasing your management expenses, and increasing your sales. SMARTform is a comprehensive management software that is custom built and full of features that are will help your company cut down on expenses, save you lots of time, and help you increase your sales.

How is SMARTform different than other sales management software?

SMARTform is a cloud based software that is custom developed for every company. SMARTform is always up to date on all devices and does not require users to install any software or purchase any special hardware. Unlike other sales management software, SMARTform does not have any limitations on the number of users that have access or the number of items that can be managed. Lastly, SMARTform is affordable and requires only one license per company.

Why not continue using paper based order taking for our company?

Paper based order taking systems may work, but they are time consuming, incomplete, not legible and prone to errors. With paper based order taking systems, filling out an order form takes a lot more time and effort, and every sales rep needs to carry a product catalog and order book with them at all times. After an order is written, order forms need to be scanned, faxed, copied, mailed or physically turned in. This order taking system is less professional, very time consuming and limits the amount of work sales reps complete in a given period of time. Moreover, because of time limitations and the amount of effort that it takes to fill out an order form with complete and legible item information, sales representatives often fill out forms that are not always legible and only partially filled out, which can results in expensive errors.

With SMARTform, a master ordering process can be carried out from any device at any time. SMARTform helps increase your company's revenue by, not only saving your company a great amount of time - which allows you to take more orders, but by providing you with a custom built virtual catalog that is accessible from any device and is directly tied in to the order form. This allows customers to browse your entire catalog, from any device, using a keyword search, which gives visibility to the items that are most applicable to your customers market.

What do I need to do to become a SMARTform client?

Signing up to SMARTform is simple. Just click the Sign Up link on the menu and fill in all required fields.

How do I provide SMARTform with my company's information?

To keep things simple, we ask that you create spreadsheets containing all your company specific information that you wish to use with your SMARTform software. A template can be downloaded sign up page under the SMARTform Information section. Once your company specific information is compiled, simply upload it during sign up process or e-mail it us at

Will my SMARTform software be available instantly after sign up?

Because SMARTform is uniquely developed for every company, it is not instantly available. Every company goes through an initial one-time set up phase which can take anywhere from 7-14 days.

Do I have to download an app to use SMARTform?

SMARTform is a cloud based software. In order to access SMARTform, simply visit and sign in with your company specific login credentials. SMARTform does not require installation and it is compatible and accessible on all devices. Moreover, because SMARTform is cloud based, it is always up to date on all devices.

Does every sales rep get their own login?

One major benefit of SMARTform is that we provide our service on a per-company basis. Every account includes an administrative set of login credentials and sales representative login credentials. There is no limitation on the number of sales representatives that can access your SMARTform software.

Do I need to contact SMARTform every time changes need to be made my SMARTform account?

Managing SMARTform is easy. SMARTform comes with an easy to use administrative panel where you can easily manage your SMARTform software and all it contains.