Comprehensive Sales Management Solution

SMARTform is a feature-rich sales management software that is quick, powerful, and easy to use.

SMARTform gives companies the power to manage tedious day to day processes with ease, from any device. With SMARTform, companies can take orders, process orders, receive card payments, track and update inventory, and access the powerful custom-built company catalog, from any device.

Auto-fill features allow companies to fill order forms with complete item, billing, shipping, and sales rep information with minimal effort. Orders can be downloaded as a spreadsheet, imported into accounting software like QuickBooks, or e-mailed to the office, the customer and the sales rep, all in one click!

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Custom Order Management
Quickly fill out and process purchase orders without ever having to own a scanner, printer, or fax machine.
Inventory Management
Easily manage inventory for all items in your catalog. Get reminders when inventory is running low.
QuickBooks Integration
Easily update financial data in existing accounting software like Quickbooks.
Product Catalog
SMARTform includes a custom built keyword searchable product catalog. Never have to lookup an item number or carry a product catalog again.

Who is SMARTform for?

SMARTform was created for trade companies in need of a powerful comprehensive sales management solution. SMARTform will improve your company's productivity, professionalism, and profitability by saving you a great deal of time, decreasing your management expenses, and increasing your sales.

Why not continue using paper based order taking systems?

Paper based order taking systems are time consuming, incomplete, not always legible and can result in expesive errors. Moreover, item numbers need to be looked up one by one and discounts must be manually computed. When orders are finally completed they must be scanned, faxed, copied, mailed or physically turned in for processing. This system is less professional and it restricts the amount of work sales reps complete in a given period of time.

SMARTform increases sales by not only saving companies a great amount of time, which allows them to take more orders, but by providing companies with an easily accessible and feature-rich built in product catalog, that customers can browse from any device, search the catalog using keywords, view top selling items, and add the items to their order - as they browse with the click of a button.

Operate smarter with SMARTform

Our one and only mission is to identify what obstacles trade companies are faced with during day to day operations and use this information to develop a comprehensive feature-full sales management solution that is custom, up to date, and accessible from any device at any time.

To learn more about SMARTform please click here.

              Order Management System Comparison
Comparison Paper Based Order Taking System SMARTform Other Software Solutions
Includes all company specific, product, customer, and sales rep information X
No limitations on the number of users or number of items that can be managed X
Ability to securely process card payments X X
Built-in, keyword searchable, product catalog X X
No printer, scanner or fax required to place or process orders X
Added security through cloud backup X X
Send order form copies to the office, sales rep and customer in one click X X
Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops X X
Import into accounting software like QuickBooks X X
Up to date on all devices at all times X